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Career Step's Medical Transcription Training Review

Career Step is my preferred medical transcription training school. I have worked in the industry for over 7 years now and I have been very impressed with what they have to offer. I prefer their training to anyone else in the industry for the following reasons:

  1. Career Step is AHDI approved. AHDI (Association of Healthcare Documentation Integrity) is a medical transcription association that reviews and approves certain medical transcription courses that meet their criteria. When AHDI approves a course, that proves to you (and employers) that they believe it is a very good one and worthwhile.
  2. Career Step offers graduate assistance once you complete your training. Get to know the employment advisors. Julie is great! Use these advisors; they are there to help you!
  3. Career Step uses lots and lots (hours!) of real doctor dictation. This way you get to practice with the real stuff instead of made up dictation which usually tends to be easier to dictate (ie. professional speakers reading a perfect procedure in a soundproof room).
  4. Career Step teaches you keyboard shortcuts and other skills to help increase your typing speed. Many medical transcriptionists are compensated on a production basis. Payment by line of transcribed text is a common form of production based compensation. If you can increase your typing speed, you will be able to transcribe more lines of text quicker and essentially make more money.
  5. Career Step is well known in the industry and has been training medical transcriptionists for over 20 years. With their deep industry ties, they have formed partnerships with medical transcription companies who prefer to hire their grads. And most employers will recognize them on your resume- they will see that you went to a good school!
  6. Career Step makes learning interesting by using games like crosswords as quizzes instead of dull multiple choice questions. It makes the course more fun and easier to learn!
  7. Finally, Career Step listens to the industry. Many employers that they partner with had the need for medical transcription editing so Career Step designed a new course to accommodate that need and they were the first school to offer a medical transcription editing course.

So those are some of the reasons why I love the Career Step Medical Transcription Training course. Check it out yourself before you enroll to make sure it is right for you.

  • Take a demo of the course and see a preview of what your learning experience will be like. You will be able to click around through the course and play the games and check out all the interactive learning tools.
  • You can also watch the course tour video where you will be guided through the course.
Both the course demo and course tour can be accessed before you enroll. That way you can see what it is like, how it is laid out, what material is covered, and see if you would even like it or not.

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